TRIKASA ENERGI TAMA, pt.was established in 2013. With our experience we have grown into a reputable piping mechanical construction. We are known to our clients for quality work & always meeting our clients standard requirement.

The Key to Our Success :

  • Our Continuous effort in upgrading our equipment, facilities, our technical and technological knowledge.
  • The quality of our work force who are customer-oriented, well trained and hard working and their strong team work.
  • Securing and maintenance reliable source supplier and strong support from our network of suppliers as partner to meet any urgent demand of the client Requirements.

We are proud of our ability to organize and mobile our equipment and manpower to any project site in the most efficient and effective manner. It is our in to make a contribution towards the regional societies through transfer of technology and know how in our efforts to provide our client with the most constructive, complete and responsive service at the lowest cost possible. We are confident that staffed by highly skilled energetic personnel, our reputation and success will ensure our company remains as a specialist in the above line business. Nevertheless, our quality of service and the quality of our people shall remain the focus as we continue to pursue our growth strategy through the identification of new markets and the new opportunities, we will commit to make client satisfaction.

We are sure that TRIKASA ENERGI TAMA, pt. can serve you with a better quality product better delivery and competitive pricing.

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